*Gobble Gobble* Funny article in the news
12:11 a.m. || 11.18.04

It might be the last place you'd ever find dozens of turkeys together. But it seems many of these birds are finding a welcome home in Buffalo. No, not in the grocery store frozen food section. Wild turkeys are living in Buffalo's neighborhoods.

If you listen closely, you can hear the gobble, gobble mix in with the sound of trains on the tracks that pass near Buffalo's Central Terminal. Residents of the east side and Lovejoy report dozens of turkeys hanging out on their lawns early in the morning, and in the evening hours.

We went looking and found several in the brush by the tracks, and off city streets like Lovejoy. They're good at hiding, but you can find them crossing the tracks by the old terminal, and resting in the nearby fields.

Some wonder whether the turkeys are spending more time there because, with Thanksgiving just a week away, they figure it's a good place to hide, where no one would look.

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