Warning: I am whining.
9:36 a.m. || 2003-04-16

Ya know whats pretty crappy? I never got any birthday presents this year. Not from my boyfriend, not from my best friends, not from my parents. Nobody. Ya know whats also pretty crappy? That I keep thinking about it. That I am sitting here whining about it. But it made me feel pretty crappy. Sure, people called me up on my birthday and stuff, which was very nice of them to remember, thank you! But even some people forgot my birthday. When did I become so materialistic that I need presents on my birthday? I dont need presents, I guess, but its the thought that matters! The only one to take me out for my birthday was Andy. We went to the movies and to the mall. I had a good time. My parents didnt even take me out. It still feels crappy that I didnt get any presents. Like now that I am 24 it just doesnt matter anymore. I didnt even get any from my parents. I cant believe I still feel like this, 1 1/2 months later, but I do. I dont know why. I just cant believe I didnt get any presents for my birthday.

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