Tops and the Lake
12:00 a.m. || 06.02.03

LOL I couldnt have done that any better... midnight on June 2nd. I would have had it in on the 1st, but I just got done archiving May's entries. Now that Lissy did it for me, it was easy to do it myself!

Anyways, today was extremely uneventful. I felt like I did nothing. I got up around 11:30, came online for awhile, I think... Then I watched a movie called Primal Fear on HBO. After that was over, I went through all my coupons, because it is "Triple Coupon Week" at Tops, and I wanted to buy some things that were onsale. I even had a few coupons for things that were onsale, so I got some pretty good deals.

When I got home, I ate the chicken caeser wrap I bought from Tops, and went out on the porch to read for awhile. I chose to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban even though I have read it half a dozen times. It has been awhile, and I've watched both movies since then, so I wanted to read again. I'll probably bring it on the train with me. After awhile, I put the book down, and moved more into the sun. I decided I needed a little snooze in the warmth, and I think I actually fell asleep for awhile, cause when I came to, it was 5:30.

My mom called then, and said that my sister and her were going to church. I think she wanted me to go with them. I havent been to church in a long time, and I actually feel really bad. I grew up going to church every week, and stopped going when I was in college, and just havent really gone lately. But, I dunno, I felt weird about it, so I just told her I was tired, and watched Freak Talks about Sex which is a really funny movie. It is set in Syracuse!! I've watched the beginning a couple times, but never the entire thing. Actually the end was sorta sad, when Freak and David realize that is is time to grow up. Freak sorta moves on in life without David, and it just really made ya think.

When the movie was over, I decided to go tanning, yet again (still not a lot of color), and then went for a drive down to Youngstown and Lake Ontario. It was still so clear out, and when I parked at Fort Niagara, and looked out at the water, you could see Toronto on the other side, and the CN Tower. It was so nice. I wish it was warmer, I would have gotten out and sat there for quite awhile, listening to the water. It just mesmerizes me, and lately, I feel like I've been drawn to the water. Its just calming.

I ended up driving around for a total of 2 hours, then I came back and got online. I talked to Andy briefly before he went over to Shannon's, and Lissy extremely briefly before she went to bed. I also talked to Beth for awhile, but she also had to go, so I decided to update my diary. Now I am talking to Jay, and we may or may not get together this week. It still depends on his work. He also told me how Chris and Joe will be out in this area a lot this month for work, and we will hopefully get together for some drinks or something when they are here.

Anyways, that was pretty much my day... I cant believe its 12:30. It doesnt seem that late AT ALL. I drank some Pepsi today, and I dont know about this 6-pack I bought. Caffeine usually doesnt do much for me, but it seems that every time I drink some from this 6-pack, that I am up all freakin night. One night, I was up til like 5am, and had to be up for work at 7, and the other night, I was up til 6am. Hopefully I wont be up that late... I dont have to really get up for anything, but I dont want to sleep the day away either.

Well, I am gonna get going now... I will try to update more regularly... Well, actually, I will be leaving for Florida on Thursday, and will be at Mark's until the 17th, and home on the 18th, so I may not get to update very much. I may be very busy these next couple days too, depending on what I end up doing and when I go out to Utica. We'll see what happens though... Goodnight! :)

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