110 Things About Me
11:24 a.m. || 06.02.03

  1. Name & Nicknames: Kimberly: Kim, Kimmie, Kimby, Kimberbe, Sweety, Gopey
  2. Birthdate: February 27, 1979
  3. School: SUNY College at Buffalo Grad School
  4. Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends, puzzles, darts
  5. Color Eyes: Green
  6. Hair Color: Brown
  7. Height: 5'3"
  8. Shoe Size: About an 8
  9. Favorite Color: Blue
  10. Favorite Song: stuff by Billy Joel, Phil Collins
  11. Favorite Book: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner, anything Harry Potter
  12. Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere by the water
  13. Absolute One Best Friend: Andrea
  14. Best Friend of the Opposite Sex: Andy and Jay
  15. Do you have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend? No
  16. Crush: Joshua Jackson LOL
  17. Things you like in the opposite sex: Eyes, sense of humor
  18. When was the last time you kissed someone: Andy K, from my work, on the cheek, does that count?
  19. Most romantic thing a person has ever said to you or done: Andy sent me roses, then came up to surprise me one Valentines weekend, we were seperated at the time
  20. Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of someone of the opposite sex?: Nothing, I'm usually too shy
  21. Closest Friends: Andrea, Andy, Jay, Beth, Andy P., Lissy
  22. Best quality in a friend: Listening and helping me with my problems, and supporting me in everything
  23. Fondest Memory of you and your Friend(s): There are too many, I remember all the good times, they're what I live for
  24. Do you ever feel like people don't care about you?: When I am in a funk
  25. Favorite Computer Font: Currently, Garamond
  26. Favorite Food: Italian, steak, hamburgers
  27. Favorite Place to Eat: Olive Garden
  28. Food you Hate: Seafood
  29. Weirdest food that you like: Liverwurst and mustard
  30. Dumbest thing you've ever done: Uh... I do dumb things all the time...
  31. The One Person that Knows the Most About you: Andrea, we've known each other the longest
  32. Favorite Movie(s): A Few Good Men, Harry Potter, Star Wars Episodes I and II
  33. Last Movie You Watched: Freak Talks about Sex, Regarding Henry
  34. Nicest Thing Someone's Done for You: I dunno, but my real friends are pretty nice :)
  35. Best Advice Ever Given to You?: "You're you, thats all that matters"
  36. Favorite Quote #1: "and you don't wanna be here in the future, so you say the present's just a pleasent interruption to the past, and you don't wanna look much closer, cuz your afraid to find out all this hope you had sent into the sky by now had crashed, and it did, because of me" -- Something Corporate
  37. Favorite Quote #2: "Who's that man runnin my life?" -- Toby Keith
  38. One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: "If I could tell the world just one thing it would be "we're all okay", "not to worry" cause worry is wasteful and useless in times like these" -- Jewel
  39. One thing you hope you do before you die: go back to Spain
  40. Thing you want to be remembered for: being a great friend
  41. Your Personality Type: Quiet and shy
  42. Favorite Music Group: I have a lot, really anything but country, oldies, popular stuff on the radio
  43. Pets: 1 dog (Bailey), 3 cats (Cody, Mokey, Shadow) & 1 hamster (Chester)
  44. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  45. Favorite Season: Summer
  46. Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming, Going to the river
  47. Favorite Winter activity: Snow tubing
  48. What do you wanna be when you grow up: Well I am pretty much already grown up, but I want to be a Kindergarten teacher
  49. Funniest Person you Know: Chris (Jr)
  50. Favorite Conversation Topic: Anything I know something about
  51. Favorite Sport: Football and hockey
  52. Favorite Magazines: Puzzle ones
  53. Favorite Toothpaste: Listerine
  54. Favorite BubbleGum: Anything not stale
  55. Favorite Stores: Old Navy, Galyans
  56. Favorite Thing to Wear to School: Pajamas
  57. Favorite Thing to Sleep In: XXL tshirt
  58. Biggest Fear: Driving in the snow
  59. Favorite Inside Joke: "Ice cream" LOL
  60. Favorite Girl's name: Kayleigh
  61. Favorite Guy's Name: Andrew, Bryan
  62. Thing You're Picked on Most About: Being indecisive
  63. Favorite Words: I have no idea
  64. Thing you Say Waaaaay Too Much: "Yeah okay"
  65. Favorite ice-cream Flavor: Mint Chip, Moose Tracks
  66. Favorite Soda: Pepsi, Mountain Dew
  67. Link to your favorite Website: I have a lot, Weather Channel maybe
  68. One place you want to go to: the Ocean
  69. Time & Date: 12:22pm, June 2, 2003
  70. What did you do or what are your plans today? Apply for for this job, take Chester to my parents, laundry, pack
  71. What college do you want to go to: I went to Niagara U. for undergrad, Buff State currently for grad
  72. Person you Admire most: My dad, I guess, I'm not really sure
  73. Thing you most regret: I dont want to have regrets, but I do anyways
  74. Favorite piece of jewelry: I dont really own any, my ring from Andy, I guess
  75. Your Theme song(s): Golden Girls, SpongeBob
  76. If you were a nailpolish what color would you be and why: the mood kind, cause my moods change frequently
  77. If a movie was made about your life what would it be called: Afraid to Find Out That You're Alone
  78. Color of your bedroom: creme, sorta, I didnt choose
  79. Size of your bed: queen size
  80. Last time you showered: Sunday, 1am
  81. Last phone number you called: Andy
  82. Last thing you had to drink: Cranberry juice
  83. What's the weather like: warm, 65, and sunny
  84. Last Book you Read by Choice: Good In Bed, now rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  85. Last show you watched on TV: ER rerun
  86. Where is your computer: In my spare bedroom
  87. Silliest Thing You've said: I say a lot of silly stuff
  88. Favorite Smiley Face: :o)
  89. Thing you actually want to be doing right now: Be anywhere but here
  90. Favorite coffee? I dont drink coffee, unless it has lotsa milk, or Irish Creme creamer
  91. Favorite tea? very sweet iced tea
  92. The most sad memory? Any funeral I've ever been to
  93. Craziest month usually? December
  94. Best year of life? My years at NU
  95. Worst year of life? My years at NU
  96. Favorite 80's cartoon? Belle and Sebastian
  97. Best present? My car, if that is really a present, sort of an unspoken one
  98. Best surprise? dont really know
  99. Favorite thing to do with friends? Go anywhere we have a good time
  100. Worst thing someone has said to you? Anything that is a lie
  101. Worst thing you said to someone? I've probably said some pretty mean things, I try to block them
  102. Worst thing that's ever happened to you? Whenever someone accuses me of doing something that I didnt do, but believes it anyways, and then tells others
  103. Favorite kiss? this is incriminating LOL
  104. Ever run away from home? Nope, but sometimes I would like to
  105. Scariest moment in life? I dont know, but I had a pretty scary dream last night!
  106. Have you ever walked home from school? not to my house
  107. Best bus driver? Mrs. Angevine, in Kindergarten
  108. Earliest memory? I dont know which are memories and which are pictures I have seen
  109. What possession do you hold most sacred? My puppy Woofer, all of my pictures
  110. What could you of been doing other than filling out this survey? Watching ER reruns, sleeping, doing things I should be doing, like my resume for this job, packing, cleaning Chester's cage... LOL

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