ABC About Me
12:03 a.m. || 07.24.03

A-Act your age: Not a chance. I think I do, maturity-wise, but I love SpongeBob and playing video games, I just like to have fun :)

B-Born what day of the week: Tuesday

C-Chore I hate: Loading the dishwasher

D-Dad's name: Stan

E-Essential item: Woofer (my Pound Puppy)

F-Favorite actor: Harrison Ford

G-Gold or silver: hmmm... white gold is pretty... i really dont know

H-Hometown: Lockport, NY

I-Instrument I play: I used to play the piano, the flute and the oboe, though not very well

J-Job title: IRA Specialist (I work in a small group home for adults with developmental disabilities)

K-Kids: I want some soooo bad. Don't tempt me.

L-Living arrangements: Living in an apartment with my hamster, Chester

M-Mother's name: Penny

N-Need?: To eat better

O-Overnight hospital stays: Two nights, that was all

P-Phobia(s): Tornadoes, death

Q-favorite Quote: "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day

R-Religious affiliation: church of Christ

S-Siblings: 1 sister

T-Time I wake up: sometime between 10am and noon

U-Unique talent: Double-jointed fingers

V-Vegetable I refuse to eat: Artichoke hearts??

W-Worst habits: Biting the skin around my fingers

X-X-rays: Many, many...

Y-Yummy food I make: Italian Parmesean Hamburger Helper LOL

Z-Zodiac sign: Pisces

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