Yes I am alive LOL
4:38 p.m. || 08.03.05

I'm sitting here and I have to go to the bathroom. Yet I continue to drink my Iced Cappucino. WHY?? LOL

I havent written in a LONG LONG time, so I thought I'd say hi! Let's see, what's happened since I've written...

I got married!! Its official, I am now Mrs. Andy O'Dell. How weird is that? It's great though. It's so nice knowing that I wont have to say goodbye to him at the end of the day, and that we can be together whenever we want.

I feel like the summer is flying by. So many things to do! Let's put them in bullet format cause I dont have time to elaborate right now...

Okay... thats it for August, but my weekends are packed! I cant wait til the 19th, its our last day of school before the 2-week break! We have to fit Darien Lake in there too somewhere. My mom bought us season passes and we havent even used them yet!

Well Andy just called from work (he got a job at First Niagara!!) and the power went out there, so I am gonna post this before it goes out here too. Its starting to storm, and the other day the power went out, so I dont want to take a chance.

I suppose I should go pee now too. LOL!

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