I love you Mokey-Moo! ~1995-2005
4:14 p.m. || 10.31.05

My cat Mokey died today. Almost 2 years since my Cody died too. She was a stray, so we dont know exactly how old she is. We got her in the fall/winter of 1995 I think, and she was an adult cat then. Mokey had been getting worse and worse over the past month or so. She used to be a really plump cat, and she just kept getting skinnier and skinnier. She was just bones lately. She was really bad last night, and my mom said if she didnt die in her sleep, she was going to take her to the vets, and she did so this morning. She brought my sister along, and Mokey was a good girl.

She buried her inbetween our dog Mandy and my cat Cody, in our backyard. My hamster Chester is there too. She buried her, wrapped in a blanket, with a brush (she LOVED to be brushed) and one of our dog Bailey's soft stuffed animals. My mom also put in a card that she wrote in and a poem.

I'll miss her so much, I'm sure my mom will miss her more. She always slept with her at night. Mokey slept on my mom's pillow, above her head. I know Mokey is better off now, but it still hurts a ton.

Here are two pictures of Mokey. One is next to Bailey, with her paws tucked under as always. She had the most beautiful blue eyes that would change color in different lights. The second picture is last night, when I was holding Mokey and saying goodbye to her.

I love you Mokey-Moo-Moo! I'll miss you always.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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