26 Weeks
4:51 p.m. || 01.11.06

I went to my 26 week OB appointment yesterday. I've had a cold for almost 3 weeks, and mentioned that to my OB. (I had gone to my regular doctor 2 weeks ago, and although I felt crappy at the time, they said my lungs were clear and said I just had a cold.) When I mentioned this to my OB he said that was no good and would try and get me cleared up. He listened to my lungs and lo and behold, bronchitis. I KNEW it, I have chronic bronchitis and the symptoms are always the same. He prescribed antibiotics so hopefully it clears up soon.

I've gained 7 pounds this past month, but my OB says he is not worried because my overall weight gain is fine. He also said my stomach has grown a lot in the past month too. My blood pressure was normal, 110/70 and everything is good!

I got a script for my glucose test and have to go sometime in the next 2 weeks. I also get a 3rd ultrasound! Yay! The doc wants to check on my cervix (to see the length, I had a LEEP procedure done a year ago) and the growth of the baby. So at my next appt (30 weeks) I'll get to see the little baby again! And double-check that he is still a boy LOL

Thats about it I think. I'm feeling a little better since starting my antibiotics. Hopefully it will all clear up soon. I'm tired of being tired, more tired than usual cause of this damn bronchitis. Other than that, no pregnancy complaints! All is going well. Yay!!

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