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11:14 a.m. || 01.24.06

Background: my blood pressure was 148/94 on friday so my doctor gave me a work slip that said "reduced hours or less stressful classroom"

This is a repost of an email I wrote to my friend, so I dont have to rewrite the entire thing:

"So... they sent me home from work and told me I cant come back until I see my doctor again. If my doctor says I can come back to work, fine, but if not, I can start claiming disability. They said they have no work for me to do there and they cant put me on light duty. They said they are going to start phasing out light duty work, and I get to be the lucky first one sent home. Can they do that?? They said I could use my personal days, but I dont have any!! So I have to sit home making NO money until either my doctor says I can come back or I start claiming disability. I am so mad right now. Andy <> is furious. My mom says she doesnt think they can do that, but I called my OB and their office says they can. When I explained to the OB office that there are other people there on light duty, she said I could call the labor board and check. I'll see what they say, but other than that I am home. I dont mind being home, but we cant really afford our income to be cut by half. My blood pressure is up because of work anyways, and now they are making it worse!!"

The thing is, there are other people on light duty who have been on it the ENTIRE school year! There is another pregnant girl who has been on it her entire pregnancy because she was bleeding in her 1st trimester. She is 24 weeks (4 weeks behind me) and she is still working and stuff! Light duty at my work consists of office work, cafeteria work, etc. within your restrictions. My restriction was "less stress". Not even a lifting restriction (even though my doc said nothing over 20lbs, its not official and not written anywhere). I'm so mad right now.

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