30 Weeks
7:01 p.m. || 02.07.06

We had our 30 week appointment today. I got another ultrasound, and I'll put up pictures once I get them scanned. They are all head shots with his hands in various places, but cute anyways :) Just not as big of a variety as my 2nd ultrasound at 18 weeks.

My glucose level is good - 123. The doctor uses 140 as a threshold for Gestational Diabetes, so 123 is good. The ultrasound tech actually asked me how I did on that test cause the baby is measuring big - in the 81st percentile! I think the tech upped me to 32 weeks, but they kept my due date the same - April 18, which is good as far as induction goes (my doctor prefers to induce after 41 weeks). The baby's heartrate is good, around 140, and my blood pressure was normal! It had been up as high as 148/94 in the past couple weeks, but was a quiet 110/70 today, which is right on for me.

I've been a little nauseous lately. I spent some of Sunday and all of yesterday in bed feeling like I wanted to throw up. I felt better today but was taking it easy. Don't know if its pregnancy related or if I had a bug. I'm guessing pregnancy though. I was dizzy and nauseous like I had just gotten off a bad amusement park ride.

I'm seeing my doctor every week now. They want to keep an eye on my blood pressure and the baby's size I guess. I totally skipped over the 2-week appointments, though I've seen them enough in my last month cause of my blood pressure.

Everything is going well, baby is lodged under where my right elbow is resting, right below my ribs, it's his favorite spot EVER. Hope all is going well for you all too :)

PS Oh yeah, I got the Dildo Cam today! The doctor wanted to check my cervical length, so I got the condom on a stick :-P

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