33 Week 3 Day Appt & Hospital Stay
9:52 a.m. || 03.04.06

Well, I had my doctors appt yesterday. When I got my blood pressure taken, it was 150/90. Yikes. So... the doctor (not my regular one, there are 3 in the practice) freaked out, checked my belly size and fetal heartrate and said he wanted me to go to the hospital. Fun fun. Of course, he also asked me if I had a headache, and I was like "Yeah, I havent eaten lunch yet" (it was 11:30, and I sorta skimped on breakfast), but of course a headache is another symptom of pre-e, so it gave him more of a reason.

So I called Andy and my mom, went home and packed a bag and then went to the hospital. The doctor said he wanted me to stay overnight with the monitors and do a 24-hour urine collection. When I got to the hospital, I registered and went up to maternity. They got me a bed, drew blood and had me pee in a cup. They hooked up the monitors, BP cuff and pulse-ox. I hadnt eaten lunch yet, so the first thing I did was ask the nurse if I could eat. She gave me a menu and showed me how to order my lunch. The food was actually decent! Not a lot in terms of quantity, but the quality was decent. I had chicken fingers (2) with BBQ sauce, salad w/ ranch dressing, a roll with fake butter, and orange fruited jello. Oh and a caffeine-free Pepsi LOL My headache went away after I ate. After about an hour, Andy got there from work and my mom and sister went about their day running errands.

I dozed off for awhile while watching TV and chatting with Andy. The room was pretty warm, and I was getting my headache back. I was also getting hungry again LOL It was about 3pm at this time. At some point the nurse came in and told me all my labs came back great. She said my numbers were good, urine was good, and the monitors showed nothing but good stuff (they took them off about an hour after they put them on, they said there was no reason for them). So, she'd talk to the doctor and see if she could get me discharged. It helped that Andy mentioned I had a baby shower today LOL

So about 4:30ish, the on-call doctor came in (another doctor in my OB practice), and said everything looked good, that my headache was most likely from being hungry, and that he wanted me on a low-sodium diet, but otherwise I was good to go. He told me if I felt like eating before I left, to do so, but otherwise I could get dressed and go home! So, of course I was hungry, and ordered dinner. I had a grilled chicken sandwich w/lettuce (forgot to ask about mayo, darn), chicken noodle soup, a roll with fake butter (gave that to Andy), and some lactose-free milk. I didnt want to eat too much cause I know we'd be eating dinner for real later on that night.

After I was done eating, Andy sought out the nurse to tell her I was done with dinner and to ask her what I needed to do to check out, and she said I was all good to go, gave me a list of low-sodium foods, and I got dressed and we left!

All in all it was pretty painless. Gave me a good reason to get some rest, Andy and I watched TV, I did some crosswords, and that was pretty much my afternoon. I didnt really have many plans for the day anyways, not things I couldnt do another time. Although I think the doc was a little paranoid, at least they dont take these things with a grain of salt either. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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