36w2d Appointment
7:45 p.m. || 03.23.06

Ugh. I had my appointment today. The first part was good, the second part, not so good.

I had my ultrasound. Baby is measuring 36w5d, so right on target, but for some reason they are concerned that he is big. He's only measuring 3 days ahead (or maybe it was 37w5d, but still, only 1w3d ahead). He is estimated at 6lbs 5ozs (yes, I know these measurements can be off, and I am hoping for that). I was born at 36 weeks and weight 6lbs 11ozs myself, so I knew a big baby might be in store. We got some cool shots with the video camera, and more head pictures from the tech. I wanted a good foot or hand still picture, but he was wiggling too much. I did find out that the thing that keeps poking me under my ribs is his little foot. And his hip is what is sticking out of me LOL He is head-down still. Yay! My husband had to work and missed the appointment. My mom and sister came in with me though for the first time and the tech was really nice at explaining everything to them. Neither of them had sat in on an ultrasound before.

Apparently the ultrasound made the baby tired though, cause when it came time for the non-stress test, they had to buzz the baby to wake him up. LOL It was funny. My mom and sister saw the baby squirm around and move my belly all over the place, it was cool for them. After baby woke up, he did great.

Before my NST, they took my blood pressure. It was something like 140/98 (not sure about the 140 part). So the nurse said she'd take it when I was done with the NST. Went down to 130/88. Better. However, the doctor is worried about my blood pressure AGAIN. He talked induction, but generally wont induce until 38 weeks. I told him I didnt want an induction, but he said with my BP being high, my chances are increasing. He also said my chances for a c-section are greatly increased now. I guess if my BP is too high, they skip the induction altogether and go right for the section. I wont do anything to put myself or my baby in harms way, but I want to progress into labor naturally, and really really really dont want a section.

I've been told to watch my sodium intake and basically he wants me on bedrest all weekend. Ugh. I know, some people are on bedrest for the whole nine months, so the next few weeks isnt that bad, but I feel like I am so much left to do.

I go again on Monday. He wants to see me twice a week now. I'm not seeing the same doctor though, but another in the practice (there are 3 total). I really want to see my regular OB, but wont get that chance til the second appointment next week, as he is off on Monday.

Oh, and I take Toprol XL for preventricular contractions (PVCs). It's a category C drug and the doctor said he does not want me to breastfeed if I am on it. I asked him if I could wean off of it before the baby is born, and he said to contact my GP about that, since he is the one who prescribed it. I called my GP when I got home, and I am to take half the dose for 7 days and then I can discontinue it. (I was on 75mg when I became pregnant, went down to 50mg, now I will go down to 25mg and then none). I'm so glad. I think the thought about not being able to breastfeed was about as devestating as him stating my increased chance of induction or c-section.

So... I have a question... for those of you who have had PIH, did you go into labor naturally or were you induced? Did you end up having a section? Also, what are some things I can do to lower my BP (besides rest, obviously)?

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