36w6d Appointment
10:34 p.m. || 03.27.06

Well, I will be 37 weeks tomorrow. Yay for full-term!! :)

I had another appointment today (had one Thursday, was put on bedrest; went in Friday for a BP check, and then back today for a follow-up). This time I had it with a different doctor in the practice (there are 3 in all) who didnt even MENTION induction or c-section, unlike the doc on Thursday, which was NICE.

He measured my fundal height (was 41cm on Thursday) and it was 37cm. So he was like "hmmm... I'm usually not wrong, let me recheck" so he did and it was again 37cm. So, he did an internal and the baby is at a -1 station! He's been head-down for awhile now, but its nice to see some progress. A few weeks ago I was told I was 50% effaced, but they've all been so worked up over my blood pressure, I keep forgetting to ask about effacement and dilation. I forgot today too, so I'll have to ask next week. The doc was great and was like "here's his little bum, and his feet are right here" (yeah, I totally knew the position of the feet, since they are in my RIBS! LOL). He was funny too, you can tell he's Canadian, and compared the baby moving into the birth canal to the large freighters that move through the Welland Canal in Ontario. Luckily, I've been across the Welland Canal many times and knew what he was talking about.

He also felt my belly and was like "can you feel that?" and I was like "what?" and I was totally having BH contractions and didnt know it. I was like "My stomach feels like that all the time", so he waited for it to relax and had me feel again, and lo and behold, it was squishy again. So I've been having lots of BH contractions and not knowing it. I told him the only time I feel them is when they are in my back.

In all my appointment was good. Still on bedrest and low-sodium, but things are ok for now. I go back in a week, when I'll be 37w6d. I do have permission to go to my grandma's 80th birthday dinner on Sunday though, which is nice. So today's appointment was much more uplifting than last week's. My mom is coming over tomorrow and doing more baby-room set-up, and my lovely hubby worked his butt off this weekend doing baby stuff too! I'll have to take pictures of the quilt he hung on the wall and everything. It's beautiful!

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