Back pains suck
10:21 p.m. || 04.09.06

I've been having lots of back pain today. Back labor I suppose. But nothing regular. Just enough to overtake our trip to the Broadway Market (big Easter tradition in Buffalo, mostly for polish catholics, of which I am neither LOL), ruin our dinner at the Olive Garden, make me completely and utterly miserable in the car (I was practically crying it hurt so bad, but I got to practice my breathing!) and basically make me stay in bed all evening. I took a bath because my legs have been killing me all day like I had run a marathon. I don't know why. Even sitting at the computer hurts and I have to get up and move around. Whenever baby moves, it HURTS, like he's beating the crap out of me inside. It feels like someone punched my crotch. Literally. I touch it and it feels bruised. Ugh. '

Almost 39 weeks. Doctors appt tomorrow.

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