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Last updated 10-1-03... I added a few new people, and there is still more I want to say about others, so be patient, and I will get to it when I can...

Okay, I started a "Friends and Family" page before, but I didnt get too far, and never posted it. So, I figure, I will make a cast list of my friends, and post it here, so at least I have something up. I think that will be easier than my family right now... So, here are my friends that i talk about the most, in alphabetical order...

My Friends

Aimée is one of my best friends, ever. I started reading her diary in January 2003, and fell in love with her immediately. We started talking in July, and just keep getting closer and closer. She has done things for me that most of my "real life" friends have never done, and she is a very special person. We were supposed to meet when I go down to Texas next week, but she is in Nebraska, spending time with her family, so hopefully sometime in the future we will cross paths.Andrea and I have been best friends since we have been 11 years old. We went to middle and high school together, and have remained friends, unwavering, for the past 13 years. We became best friends instantly, at our friend Megan's Christmas party. We have been through so much together. We went to different colleges, but both remained in the area, her to UB and me to Niagara. Currently, Andrea lives in Buffalo with her boyfriend Brian. I love her to death, and she is truly my sister.

Andy and I have known each other since September 1999, when we began dating. We are currently engaged (i REALLY needed to update this one)and we keep in close contact with one another, through the internet and phone, as he lives near Utica. Andy is, and will always be, one of my best friends. He listens to me, unconditionally, and is always there for me, no matter what. He has been through some pretty hard times in his life, but knows how to survive. I love Andy, and always will, he's my Hunniebear for life!

Andy P is my friend in Buffalo. We met through my exboyfriend Pat, who is Andy's best friend. Andy and I have really known each other since 1998 or so, when we began talking online a lot. We finally met in August 1999, when we both came to the airport to welcome Pat home from the US Air Force. We've gotten together a few times since then, and have remained close friends through the internet.

Beth is one of my best friends from Niagara. She and I have known each other for 4 1/2 years, and have become pretty close lately, she has really been there for me. We went through some rough times at NU with some former friends, but have come through it. I try to see Beth at least once a week, if we can. Unfortunately, she is currently out of work because of a car accident she had back in November, so it has been pretty easy for us to get together. I hope she gets better soon, and is able to return to work in the fall. I am grateful for the internet, because we talk all the time. She currently lives outside of Buffalo with her fiance, John.

Brian is Andrea's boyfriend of the past 4 or 5 years. They went to UB together, and now have an apartment in Buffalo. Brian's really cool, and I love to hang out with them when I can.

Chris (Jr.) is a friend I met through Jay. They are housemates, and met through work, I think. Chris has come up to visit a few times with Jay, and we've always had a good time. He's a little crazy, and always makes me laugh, which I love. I really appreciate all the laughter, especially through the rough times I have been having with Jen.

Danielle is a friend I have met through Andy. She and I finally got to meet in August 2003, after talking on the internet nonstop since February. Danielle used to date one of Andy's friends, Shannon, but they have since broken up, and she now lives south of Albany with their daughter Lilli, who is 6 months old. Lilli is also Andy's goddaughter! I'm so glad I met Danielle, we talk ALL the time, and I wish we lived closer together.

Holly is one of my friends from camp. She is 14 years old, and I was her counselor since she was 9 years old. This past summer, we were co-counselors for the Jr. Camp, and we had so much fun together. She is an incredible girl and I love her to death. She lives in Pennsylvania, so we dont see each other much, but we talk all the time on the internet. I cant wait to see her this year at camp!

Jay is one of my very best friends. We also went to Niagara together, for one year, and became very close during that time. After he left NU, he dated one of my closest friends, Jen, for 3 years or so. They have since broken up, and Jay and I have regained a lot of our closeness again. He's really been there for me lately, and I appreciate him more than he knows. Jay currently lives in Syracuse with his friends Chris (Jr.) and Corey.

Jen used to be one of my best friends. We went to Niagara together and were roommates for a short time there. Lately though, some things have changed and happened, that caused us to be friends no longer. It really really hurts, and I dont think I'll ever know why she did what she did. Jen currently lives outside of Syracuse, and is moving to Rochester shortly.

John is Beth's fiance. I have known John for 4 1/2 years as well. I met both him and Beth when we all took English 100 together my sophomore year. He is a good guy, and perfect for Beth. He is currently going to Law School at UB, and so far is doing fantastic!! I love hanging out with Beth and John, they love each other immensely, and its really nice to see that kind of affection.

Lissy is the best "internet friend" I have ever had. I met her through Mark, and we have become so very close. I feel like we have known each other for much longer, and that we know each other in person. Hopefully some day soon, we will. She is always there for me, and I just love her to pieces.

Mark is one of my good friends I met through Andy. Andy and Mark have been best friends since their early 20s, and I met Mark shortly after I met Andy. Originally from the Syracuse-Utica area, Mark has recently moved to Florida. Thank God for the internet, it has really kept us all pretty close. Andy and I are going to visit Mark in a few days, and I cant wait!!

Phil is my exboyfriend, and we know each other from Niagara, as well. Phil and I have a strange sort of relationship that recently has dwindled. He has spent a lot of time talking to Jen, and during a recent conversation he and I had, I feel that he has no intentions of being my friend anymore. I just dont get it. He and I used to be so close. It makes me really very sad. Phil works for US Immigration (the INS) and used to live up near Toronto. He has recently been reassigned, and now works the bridges here, and lives in Buffalo.

Ron is Andy's brother, and Amber is his fiance. Ron is about a year and a half older than Andy, and one of Andy's best friends. Ron and Amber live near Andy, up in Rome, and they see each other often, or as often as Andy's schedule allows. Andy and Amber used to date... but thats another story. Amber and I have been talking more recently, and I am starting to warm up to her, which I am really glad about. I am always so crappy around new people, even though I have known Amber for almost 4 years as well.

Valerie and Aaron are more like my family than anything else. Valerie is Aaron's mom, and she has known me since I was 4, and she was 14. She used to be my babysitter, but now is more like my sister. When she was 19, she had Aaron, and he has always been like my little brother. We all have grown up together, despite our age differences, and I love them with all of my heart. Recently, they have moved down to Texas, and that just broke my heart. I miss them dearly, and I hope to see them real soon.

Friends from Work

People who live at the house: Andy, Tom, Dana, Rita and June

Brandi is 23 years old. She has worked at the house for about 7 months, and she is a lot of fun to work with. We share the same opinion on a lot of the bitches we work with, and its always fun to have a "bitch fest" with Brandi

Cara has got to be my best friend at work. She is 29, married with 4 kids. Cara speaks her mind openly and honestly, but also knows when to keep her mouth shut. Anything you tell Cara will go no further (other than Tammy or Brandi, which is assumed), and I really look forward to working with Cara. Even she is surprised at how close we are, cause our personalities are just so different.

Mike is 24 and the only guy working at the house. We have a good time together, but he likes to kiss our bosses ass, which even he will admit to, and it doesnt go over well among some of us.

Tammy is in her 40s, is married with grown children (from a previous marriage) and a 9 year old. You'd never guess her age though, I swear she is one of us. I love working with Tammy. She doesnt take shit from anyone.

Other people at the house: Barb, Christie, Cathy, Sue, Robecca, Amy, Shana

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