4 Months
9:15 p.m. || 08.17.06

Well Andrew is now 4 months old. Can you believe it??

He had his 4 month well-baby visit yesterday. He is 16 pounds 4 ounces and 26 3/4 inches long. He's a big guy! The doctor said we could start on rice cereal sometime in the next 2 months and that it is our call when we decide to do it. I want to because it just sounds so exciting and maybe it'd help him sleep through the night, but I dont want him to cause I want him to stay a baby for a little while longer and I like the idea that he's growing on nothing but breastmilk. He got 4 shots yesterday, and he wasnt very happy at all about it at the time, but he's been pretty good since then. He's on some Tylenol though. We talked about his Tracheomalacia and the doctor said as long as he doesnt seem to have any difficulties that it's probably mild and no treatment is needed. Just gotta watch him when he gets sick. It was really nice at the new doctors!

We went and saw the orthotist last week and things went well there. They scanned his head for a helmet, but said he is a bit young still. They also wanted to get a second opinion from a craniofacial specialist because he has a weird bulge in his forehead. Everyone (doctor-wise) seems to mention the bulge LOL It's not large, but noticeable. So we are going to the specialist tomorrow in Rochester. I think they want to rule out craniosynostosis, which is premature closing of the soft spots. I hope he doesnt have that because that means surgery to remove a part of his skull. :(

So thats about it. We went to have his 4 month pics taken today but he cried and cried. Stupid shots! So, we're going on Monday. Hopefully he'll feel better then! :)

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