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10:39 p.m. || 06.01.03

Alrighty, I guess I should update... so here goes...

Sunday, May 25th Today I went to the Bison's game with Beth for her birthday. A bunch of her other friends were there too. Faye, Jill, Katy, Kimmie, John, Beth and I, also Katy's sort-of boyfriend Pat, and two of Pat's kids. We all met in front of the stadium around 1:45, and around 2 went into the game. I ended up sitting between Kimmie and Katy, and talked with Kimmie most of the time. On her other side were Beth and John, and Faye and Jill sat in front of us. It worked out well for everyone to talk, except that Katy, Pat and the kids seemed sorta far away, and they didnt talk much. The only people I knew were Kimmie, Beth and John, but I had a nice time anyways. Beth commented that I was sorta quiet, but I guess I just like listening and people-watching more than talking, especially around people I dont know. If you do know me though, I can talk up a blue-streak. LOL Anyways, we had a great time, even though the Bisons lost, but it was only by 1. It was actually pretty warm at the game, and VERY sunny (it was supposed to rain all weekend, fortunately, that didnt happen).

After the game, Beth, John, Faye, Kimmie and I went over to Spot Coffee, a favorite place of Beth's. We sat and talked for about an hour or so, and it was really nice. I didnt get anything, but ended up getting a chicken foccacia sandwich to go. I was really craving one of those a few days prior, so I was so happy to get one. When we left, I ended up going down to the river to sit and eat my sandwich. I also brought my book with me, and read some before I started getting chilly. I ended up driving around for about an hour, around the Island, which was nice. It was still light out and the water was really pretty.

That night, I didnt sleep too well. In fact, I didnt get to sleep til after 5:30am, and I had to get up at 8 for work. It really sucked....

Monday May 26th Today I had to work, with Amy and Robecca. It wasnt too terrible, but I ended up going out, so that was good. I ended up taking Andy and Dana down to the river, and we had a good time. We packed a lunch, which Andy never ended up eating, and sat there for awhile til we started to get chilly. It was very warm in the sun, but Dana cant really be in the sun cause of her meds she gets burned really easily. So, when Robecca showed up with June and Rita, we all took off. I ended up taking Andy and Dana on a ride around Buffalo, and didnt get back until almost 2:30 - time to go home!!

After I left work, I went over to my aunt and uncles for a Memorial Day picnic. My parents were there, along with my sister and her fiance Jason, and my cousins (Erin and Danny) and their friends. Originally we were going to order pizza because it was supposed to rain, but it was a beautiful day, and we cooked out!! Lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, bratwurst, macaroni salad, and a ton more stuff. My aunt also made this Buffalo Chicken dip that was so good! It had bleu cheese, hot sauce, chicken, mozzerella and cream cheese in it. I ended up eating a lot of that! After we ate, my mom, aunt, Danny and I went over to Target. I got some tanning lotion and sunscreen, and some more stuff for Florida. Danny and I also wandered around the store, cause he was looking for this toy he REALLY wants. Little does he know, my mom already bought it for him! LOL When we got back, we played Playstation 2 and some games with my cousins. It was a lot of fun, but I was so exhausted. I ended up leaving around 9 to go home, I was so so tired. When I got home, I realized my shoulder REALLY hurt! I had picked up Danny and was messing around with him earlier that day, and I guess I pulled something in my shoulder. I was getting shooting pains in my elbow and down to my fingers. It really hurt to type and stuff. I thought I'd have a drink, and maybe it would numb it a little, but it just hurt worse, and then I couldnt take any pain killers. I ended up just using the heating pad, and I fell asleep fairly early.

Tuesday, May 27th I had to work today. Ugh. I wasnt looking forward to going in. Apparently, my boss Shana was really pissed that I took Saturday (the 24th) off (when I was in Syracuse). Okay, I called in on Thursday, and she told me I could have it off. She sounded pissy, but there were enough staff on, and I called in 2 days in advance, so oh well. Well, from what Brandi and Sue told me, I guess she came in on Friday saying that if I didnt show up for work on Saturday that I would be fired. What a crock of shit. She already told me I could have the day off. So, I guess Cara called up Angela, who is Shana's boss, and told her the entire thing. I dont know what quite happened, but I know Shana CANNOT fire me over that. She can be pissy about it, but she has no right to fire me. If I just didnt show up, that would be one thing, but she TOLD me I could have it off. Whatever. Shana is a bitch.

When I got there, it was just Amy and I. I guess Robecca didnt work, cause she had worked the previous overnight, and Shana had taken June to an appointment. So, it wasnt that bad. Amy and I hung out til Brandi got there, a little after 3 (she had a spanish class), and then Sue came in a 4. We had a good night, not too eventful. Shana showed up around 5 with June, and didnt say a word to Sue or I, and brought Brandi downstairs to talk to her about something stupid. She made it all sound all secretive and shit. Shana is like that though. After work, Brandi and I ended up going to Total Tan, and I started tanning for Florida. I figure I better start now, so I dont totally burn when I am down there. Before I had left work, I got an email on my phone from Lissy. She and Mike had just broken up. So, I rushed home to talk to her and find out what exactly had happened. I felt so bad for her, because she truely loves him, but things have changed lately, especially with Mike, and its just been a rough situation. We talked for a long time before she went to bed, and she seems to be handling it pretty well. Shes had a rough go of it these past couple weeks, and I hope things start to look up for her real soon. I love you Lissydear! That was about it for

Wednesday, May 28th I dont quite remember what I did this day... Not too much, I dont think. I probably chatted online a lot, and I also watched the replay of the Dawson's Creek finale. It was so so good. I have watched the show a few times in the past, but not a lot. Now I want to go watch it all... It wouldnt take too long, it was only 4 or so years. They play 2 episodes a day on TBS, in the morning, at the same time TNT plays 2 episodes of ER. But I have seen all of those, so maybe I will switch over to Dawson's. I also went tanning tonight, and then came home and got online. I did end up staying up for quite awhile tonight though. After I got offline at night, I started reading more of Good in Bed, and just couldnt stop. I ended up finishing it around 6am!! It was an amazing book though. I am gonna bring it with me on the train, and probably reread it.

Thursday, May 29th Today, I set my alarm for noon, and grudgingly got up. I told Cara I would come into work for her for a few hours today, and so I did, from 2-6. When I got to work, I just hung out with Tammy the entire time. We are both (along with Brandi, Cara, and Sue) sick and tired of the petty bullshit, especially dealing with Robecca and Shana. Okay, Ro is the youngest person at our house (at 23), besides Brandi, and she has such issues with control. She has to be in charge of everything. Yeah, she has been there the longest, with Amy, but STILL! I think she feels threatened or something. She tries to make us feel like we dont know how to do our jobs right. Nothing is right by Robecca and she does her best to let you know. So, Tammy and I hung out together, until Robecca, Shana and Amy all left. Then we were relieved and didnt have to deal with them. Amy is alright, she is quiet and isnt like Shana and Robecca, but she is friends with them. Ugh. So work ended up being alright. Sue got there around 4, but I still hung out til almost 6. I had made dinner, which was good, but a tad salty :( I made chicken breasts, green beans and french fries (at June's request).

Around 6 I left to run back to my apartment to grab Beth's birthday present, and then I went out to her apartment to pick her up. We ended up going out to the Galleria, and looking for a present for Beth's friend Katy, and Katy's daughter Lexi. Beth is Lexi's godmother and her christening was coming up, so Beth wanted to get one more thing for her. We ended up walking around the mall and going in different department stores, and found a nice one in Bon-Ton, I think. I also got a present for a friend of mine whose birthday just passed too. After buying our presents we walked around the mall and bit more, then we bought smoothies!! Actually, Beth offered to buy mine since I didnt have any cash on me, and I guess I thanked her a million times, as she wrote in her diary. I hate not having money to buy things for myself. But, it was really good, strawberry and banana, and it was nice of her to buy it for me.

After bringing Beth home, I went tanning again. I want to make sure to get the most out of my unlimited week-long package :) After I got home, I jumped online. I talked to Jay some, pretty much the first time I had talked to him since I was out there. Apparently he has been really busy with work, he sounded very tired. He said he'd let me know if he is able to get together before I go to Florida. He may have to go out of town for work, and said he'd let me know when he knew. So far I havent heard from him, so I dunno. I also talked to Phil tonight, for the first time in months. He IMed me, and it wasnt a pleasant conversation. We talked about a bunch of things that Phil brought up, which Jen must have told him, and also something not-so-nice that he had told Jen about me a few months ago. He is being such a jerk and I dont know why. In Jen's new diary, she mentions her upcoming visit with a "friend she hasnt seen since February", which happens to be Phil. I guess she has been feeding him a lot of bullshit. I sent the convo to Jay, cause he was curious what Phil had to say about me and the lies Jen has been telling. I also showed it to Lissy and Beth, and they are none too pleased. It was pretty harsh and Phil is just an asshole. I dont know when that all happened, it just really bothers me. I dont want it to. I want to forget about him and Jen and all the stupid petty stuff. I mean, come on, they are 25 years old. GET OVER IT!! But still, they were my friends, and it hurts, regardless.

Friday, May 30th Today I had to work again. I got to work and it was just Robecca, Shana and I. Fun stuff. Robecca was a bitch. Big big bitch. Brandi got there a little late cause of her spanish class, but it wasnt soon enough. Soon after Brandi got there, she realized that she didnt have Sunday off, as she requested like 5 weeks ago (we only need a 2 week notice). So, she goes downstairs, looks at the schedule (brings me with her for backup), and then asks Shana about it. Shana says she will look into it, so we go back upstairs. Soon, Shana comes up and says "well, if you can find someone to work for you, you can have it off". I was like "Brandi, didnt you ask for that like 5 weeks ago?" and Shana turns to me "Well, I dont have enough staff" really snotty-like. Well, DUH of course you dont have enough staff, you keep cutting my hours! So, Shana turns around and goes back downstairs. As soon as she is down there, I turn to Brandi and say "Bitch!" she was a super huge BITCH! Now, Brandi is extremely pissed off and she has had it. She couldnt believe I said that to Shana either. Oooh she made me SO mad. We couldnt wait for all those people to just leave and go home. This house ran FINE before Shana stuck her nose in. After Shana left, I ended up getting my old bosses' new numbers and leaving voice messages for them to call me if they need any staff. I am SO fed up with that place. Otherwise, work went by fine, things were good. It was just Brandi and I, cause Mike called it (Brandi was pissed about that, that Mike could get a day off only 1 day in advance, and Brandi asked for it off 5 weeks in advance and couldnt get it). That happened to me back in October, actually. I asked for a weekend off 2 MONTHS in advance, cause Andy and I were supposed to see Mark, and Heather, my old boss, wouldnt give it to me cause she didnt have enough staff. Well, I basically threatened to quit, and went down to part-time and Heather eventually gave me the weekend off. I think she realized it was her screw-up, not marking the days down, cause I had asked 2 months in advance. But whatever. After work, I went tanning again, and came home and took a shower cause I felt nasty.

Saturday, May 31st Today I also had to work, from 2-10. I got a picture in the mail from Danielle today, right before I went to work. She sent me a picture of Lilli, her daughter, when she was 1 month old. She is now 2 months old, and she is adorable! I havent been able to see her in person yet, but Dani sends me lots of pictures through email and stuff. Work went okay today, Mike left when I got there, and it was just Sue til 4, and then me and Barb, a woman who only works every once in awhile. She actually works with Andy at his DayHab. Barb actually did a lot of the work, cooking and showers and stuff, and I was very happy. Like I said, Barb doesnt work there a lot, and sometimes she used to seem unsure of what to do, so she would just do the "household stuff" like cooking, cleaning, laudry, and I would have to do all the meds, showers, etc. It got a bit tiring. But she is stepping up, and I really appreciated it. Work went good, except I made Andy bleed :( I felt awful. While putting him up in his Hoyer lift, from his wheelchair, I jammed the nail on his big toe, and he started bleeding. I broke the nail, but I couldnt figure out exactly where, and I just felt bad. I hope it is okay. He said he couldnt feel it (he has poor nerves and circulation in his feet) but I know he felt it initially, cause I saw his face. Other than that, work was fine, and after I left, I went tanning yet again. You'd think I'd either be dark or a lobster by now, but I am neither. Oh well :)

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