32 Weeks 3 Days Appt
5:23 p.m. || 02.24.06

Hi everyone... I had my 32 week appointment today. Ever since yesterday, I have been getting awful pains in my belly, low and in the middle (like the underside of my belly). I had my appointment with the doctor today, and told him how I had to walk hunched over it hurt SO bad. He said I probably pulled the ligaments, but he'd do a cervical check and put me on the monitor (non-stress test) just in case. He checked my cervix, and I am 50% effaced, but not dilated (I was not effaced at all last week). He said he doesnt think I'll last the 40 weeks, but these things are just a guessing game anyways. Then they hooked me up to the monitor for 20 minutes, and no contractions, so its definitely just ligament pain, which is painful but good. I go back again next Friday. Yipee! Oh yeah, the baby has began his slow descent... When the doc did the cervical check, he said his head is dropping into place. :)

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