We're having a BABY!
9:38 p.m. || 01.02.06

I know I never formally announced it on here, so here goes...

We're pregnant! Due April 18th with a boy! YAY!! :)

So we went and registered today. I hope we registered for enough and didnt miss anything. I also hope we dont have TOO much of one thing. But I guess too much is better than too little or nothing at all. We already have car seats, bouncy seats, a high chair, etc. I also plan to cloth diaper and breastfeed, so we dont need a lot of those things either. I have a nice stash of covers for cloth diapering, now I just need some prefolds. Hopefully some internet-saavy people would like to get us gift certificates to some nice online places so that we can buy our cloth diapers.

Anyways, I thought I'd share our registries! Babies R Us got my name wrong, so I still have to fix that. Oh well. Here they are!

Babies R Us

Here are the sites we want gift certificates to (I'm trying to think of a nice, non-tacky way to put this in with the registry info that people want to know for the showers. Any ideas?):

Kelly's Closet and Natural Babies.

I hope everyone is doing well!! Love you all!

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