34w2d Appointment
10:41 a.m. || 03.10.06

Yesterday was my 34 week appointment. It was uneventful, thank goodness. My blood pressure was 124/84, and the baby's heartbeat was strong and super loud! The doctor was like "That's one happy kid!" which was nice. He asked if I was good last week when he was out of town, and then he looked at my chart and saw I was in the hospital and was like "Nope!". It was funny. He's Indian or Middle Eastern so it's funny with his accent. He told me he wants me to have a non-stress test every week from now on. I've had one pretty much at every appointment since 30 weeks (except this one), so its nothing new. The baby is measuring at 37 weeks, so we'll see how much longer this lasts. They did the test for Group B Strep (they have to swab both openings "down below" and when they swabbed my butt, it tickled and I laughed out loud. The nurse thought it was funny.

Things have been going pretty good. I am getting tired so much more easily now. Not too many false labor contractions, but when I do get them, they are in my back and they are EXCRUTIATING! This kid needs to turn over. I can tell he's dropping, if I am up and walking around a lot, gravity takes hold and my crotch hurts.

Sorry if this was TMI for some people LOL It'll be worth it when you can see pictures sometime in the next 8 weeks! :)

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