35w2d Appointment
9:58 p.m. || 03.17.06

I had my doctors appointment yesterday at 9am. The doctor wasnt even there yet because he got stuck in an emergency c-section. Good thing was I was scheduled for a non-stress test first, so I had that done. The baby was sleeping, so they had to buzz him to get him awake, and then he did beautifully. Stuff showed up on the contraction monitor but the tech/nurse person said they were just from the baby moving around. By the time we were done with that (9:45), the doctor was there, so I went in the exam room. Thought he was gonna go nuts on my blood pressure again (140/80) it was the same doc who put me in the hospital last time, but he didnt mention it so neither did I. He measured me and I am measuring 40 weeks. He wants me to have another ultrasound next week to check my amniotic fluid level (which I think is fine, cause baby still seems roly-poly in there), the position of the baby, and estimated weight, etc. After I was done with the appointment, I had to go across the waiting room to the lab and get blood drawn for a hemoglobin check. Not sure why, or if thats normal. By the time I got done it was 10:40. My mom was sitting in the car the entire time crocheting. She doesnt want me going to the doctors alone anymore. So, I was there for an hour and 40 minutes. Next week I get another non-stress test, an ultrasound and an appointment. I'll be there for like 3 hours! LOL

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