37w6d Appointment
9:53 p.m. || 04.03.06

38 weeks tomorrow! Yay!!

I had my doctor's appointment today. My blood pressure was ok, better than it has been. 136/80 I think it was. Either than or 130/86, but I think it was the former. It's always lower at home though. I've never been anxious at the doctors until the last few weeks, and of course thats when my BP is high and they freak out. No wonder it's high when I go now. I'm so afraid they'll say something or do something because of it.

Anyways I saw my regular OB today. He's such a sweetheart. He took me off of the strict bedrest and said as long as I lay down and rest in the afternoon and not go out to stores or shopping where I am on my feet a lot, he will be happy. He hasn't seen me in awhile (since I was 34 weeks, so almost a month ago - I've been seeing the other 2 in the practice) and he's like "The baby's DROPPED!". It was funny the way he said it. He checked me and I am 1cm dilated. I didnt ask about effacement or station, but last I was told, I was 50% effaced and -1 station, so I assume I am the same or more unless I'm headed in the wrong direction! I go for a non-stress test on Friday and my next appointment is Monday. I'll be 38w6d.

Other than that, things were peachy. Still having a lot of Braxton-Hicks in my back. I hope I don't end up with back labor. I get pains in my cervix every once in awhile, so I really hope they are helping things along. I'm getting anxious for the little guy to get here. Andy put the rest of the stuff up on the wall tonight - the bear wall hangings and the little one's name (SECRET!!) and I think we are pretty much set. We made a list of people we are gonna call when the baby is born and I made a list of things that need to go in my hospital bag. It is somewhat packed, but I want to go through and make sure my list is all there.

Only a few more weeks!! Yay!!

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